A Girl and a Volunteer at a Building Site

Volunteer Abroad Placements

BaseCamps Volunteer Abroad Program is one of the longest running and most affordable international volunteer programs in the world. Since 1998, our Volunteer Abroad Program has coordinated international volunteers working on projects with small community groups, non-governmental organizations and institutions seeking volunteer assistance.

From our roots as a student run volunteer abroad program, we have grown to become a leader in coordinating well vetted and successful international volunteer programs. We pride ourselves on providing the information, support and training that we believe is essential for a volunteer abroad experience to be safe and meaningful. We understand that there can be challenges when looking for an opportunity to volunteer abroad. We know that our program provides you with the most detailed information and in country training and support at the lowest cost.

Our goal is that your volunteer abroad placement is as well matched to your interests and expectations as possible. We strive to ensure that before you pay any fees or commit yourself to a specific volunteer program, you fully understand the details of the placement and what would be expected of you as a volunteer at said location. Your placement coordinator in the country of your choice is available to answer any further questions or provide more details about the placements with which you have been matched.

In addition to ensuring that you have all of the necessary information in advance, our program also includes extensive in-country orientation and training. It also includes;

  • support staff in each country
  • weekly progress evaluations with the volunteer and the placement
  • comprehensive 7-day volunteer orientation
  • language training included in program fees
  • extended language training available on-site