UNESCO Social Justice & Human Rights
Quito, Ecuador

UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization which follows the objectives and actions outlined by its 191 Member States and 6 Associate Members.

The Organization ...

The Salesian Children's Project Youth Organziation
Quito, Ecuador

The Salesian Children’s Project “Children of the Street”, is a foundation with projects throughout Ecuador, dedicated to reintegrating children, who live and work on the streets, back into society through ...

SOS Aldeas De Ninos Ecuador Orphanage
Quito, Ecuador

The organization is an independent, non-governmental, social development that respects the various religious and cultural norms of each country they reside in. They work in countries where their mission ...

CENIT Youth Organziation
Quito, Ecuador

Centro de la Niña Trabajadora (CENIT) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing opportunities for Ecuadorian youth. This organization was started as an attempt to address ...

Foundation Ninos de Villa Ticca Child Day Care
Quito, Ecuador

Foundation Ninos de Villa Ticca is an organization that helps the children of teenage and single mothers, as well as, the children of financially needy families. For an average of only five dollars per ...

Foundation for Individualized Education Special Needs Support Services
Quito, Ecuador

EINA Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was created by the Ministry of Education and Culture. For over 30 years, the organization has devoted its attention to children and young people with intellectual ...

Hogar Infantil Jesus Nino Child Day Care
Quito, Ecuador

The Hogar Infantil Jesus Nino Home is a daycare center that works with families who live in difficult circumstances. The employees at the Home try to help these families by taking care of their children, ...

Fundacion Integrar Special Needs Support Services
Quito, Ecuador

Fundacion Integrar is an non-governmental educational center in Quito for children with special needs. Their mission is to “...provide comprehensive, quality and appropriate teaching values to children ...

Alianza Jatun Sacha Conservation
Quito, Ecuador

Alianza Jatun Sacha is a non-profit, private Ecuadorian NGO dedicated to the conservation of forest, aquatic, and mountain ecosystems through technical training and scientific research. This organization ...

Fundación Sierra Flor School - All Ages
Lasso, Ecuador

Sierra Flor Foundation provides quality education for children, as well as, vocational training and personal development opportunities for young people and adults living in Lasso, an Andean community ...

Children's Hospital Baca Ortiz Hospital
Quito, Ecuador

Hospital Baca Ortiz is one of the largest children's hospitals in Ecuador and provides emergency, as well as, long-term care for Ecuadorian boys and girls, ( newborn to fifteen years old). The "MISSION" ...

Fundacion Niñez Internacional Community Center
Quito, Ecuador

As a nonprofit humanitarian organization, Fundacion Niñez Internacional, strives to help children around the world overcome the burdens of poverty. To become healthy, educated, self-sustaining individuals ...

Fundación Omaere Conservation
Puyo, Ecuador

Omaere Ethnobotanical Park is located in the outskirts of Puyo city, in Ecuador. It is one of the first Latin America Ethnobotanical Parks. Ethnobotany studies the relationships between cultures and plants ...

Charles Darwin Foundation Conservation
San Cristobal, Ecuador

The Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands (CDF) is an international not-for-profit scientific organization. The CDF has been working in Galapagos since 1959 under an agreement with the Government ...

OrtoArte Dental Dental Clinic
Quito, Ecuador

OrtoArte Dental Office works to provide affordable dental care to all Ecuadorian people; in cooperation with the Medical Centre, El Labrador, funded and run by the Lions Club.

The OrtoArte Dental ...

Teach Learn Ecuador School - All Ages
Quito, Ecuador

Teach Learn Ecuador is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to educating the youth of Quito.

Their GOAL is to break the overwhelming cycle of poverty that many of the children ...

Guagua Quinde Child Day Care
Quito, Ecuador

Guagua Quinde´s mission is to restore rights for children that work and at the same time make the parents aware of the dangers that their kids are exposed to when they send their children in their early ...

Animal Protection Ecuador Wildlife
Quito, Ecuador

The bond that humans have with animals is very narrow, however, our anthropocentric and utilitarian approach has led us to see them as mere objects. We depend on animals in many ways and we are so used ...

Hogar del Nino San Vincente de Paul Child Day Care
Quito, Ecuador

The first Daughters of Charity who then change their name to Hogar del Nino San Vicente de Paul, ( home of the child), took care of the sick poor people in their homes. Later they cared for the sick in ...

Organizacion Ayuda Directa School - Elementary
Quito, Ecuador

The words "Ayuda Directa", are Spanish for," Direct Help", this is a phrase that has been and continues to be one of the guiding principles of the organization. Their activities started in earnest in ...

Gotitas De Luz Child Day Care
Quito, Ecuador

Gotitas de Luz is a nonprofit organization that helps to care for children of parents or single mothers with very low incomes. At times they care for orphans as well. The organization provides the children ...

Vivarium de Quito Wildlife
Quito, Ecuador

Vivarium de Quito is a specialized center preserving specimens of amphibians and reptiles, in their optimal conditions. Recognized as one of the largest taxonomic storage centers in Ecuador and home to ...

Quito, Ecuador

Sol y Vida, currently supports approximately 40 children, at a time, that have cancerous tumours, by financing chemo and radiology therapy. Children are referred to them, by the national children’s hospital ...

For His Children Orphanage
Quito, Ecuador

For His Children (FHC) is an Evangelical Christian Association that provides homes for homeless children with normal needs and special needs, in Ecuador. Currently, 40 to 50 children are cared for in ...

Un techo para mi Pais Ecuador Emergency Services
Quito, Ecuador

Techo is an organization operating in Latin America and the Caribbean, which seeks to overcome poverty for thousands of people living in slums, through training and joint actions of its residents and ...

Ecuador Tierra Viva Service Club
Quito, Ecuador

The Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation is a non-profit charity organization, based in Ecuador. established to improve the quality of life of Ecuador’s neediest communities through provision or improvement ...

Caritas de esperanza Community Center
Quito, Ecuador

The Faces of Hope -- Caritas de Esperanza is a private non-profit community based organization "Hope Azama " in Otavalo, Imbabura Province in Ecuador.

Caritas de Esperanza promotes alternative solutions ...

Fundacion Grupo Aldec Community Center
Quito, Ecuador

The Aldec Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with at risk children and young people age 6 to 17 years and their families, in the historic center of Quito.

The Aldec Foundation recognizes ...

Chiriboga Ecological Protection Foundation Conservation
Quito, Ecuador

The Chiriboga Ecological Protection Foundation's main objective is the protection and conservation of the environment, through promotional endeavours in the surrounding communities of economic development, ...

Camp Hope Foundation Special Needs Support Services
Quito, Ecuador

In 1979 (designated the International Year of Persons with Disabilities) a study conducted by the Institute of the Child and Family, reported that 12% of the Ecuadorian population suffered from some form ...

Equilibrio Azul Conservation
Quito, Ecuador

The organization was created due to the urgent need to obtain information to conserve Ecuador’s ecosystems and marine resources. Equilibrio Azul, (EA), works with the public, government, and business ...

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