Wildlife and Environmental Volunteering

Wildlife and environmental volunteers are able to have a meaningful impact while working on projects directly with the flora and fauna of some of the world's most precious habitats. While some of these placements take place in an urban environment, the majority bring volunteers to work in National Parks, Reserves and other wilderness areas. As such, volunteers should pay careful attention to the information regarding the living conditions at each placement to ensure that they are up for the challenge.

Our wildlife and environmental placements are basically split into two groups: One - placements with animals and two - everything else related to the environment. As such, our conservation volunteer placements tend to have a wide range of potential placement tasks or activities. Much of the work in this area brings volunteers to work as assistants in National Parks where the tasks may range from trail maintenance, tree planting and facility maintenance to research, data collection and other numerous projects requiring assistance.

Our wildlife placements seek a range of volunteers and skill sets from veterinarians and vet assistants, as well as keen young people interested in pursuing a career in environmental issues or those simply seeking to do their part to improve conditions for the wildlife and environment on the planet. Some placements require volunteers to be willing to live in remote beach areas to help in sea turtle hatcheries and assist in the prevention of poaching.

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