Volunteer Teaching in a Classroom

Volunteers teaching in a classroom setting overseas have a huge range of placement options. Both Primary and Secondary schools in each of our countries are seeking qualified and non-qualified teachers and teaching assistants to help improve and diversify their classrooms.

Many classroom teaching volunteer placements are looking for help in specific subject areas. This is particularly the case for English classes and computers where foreign volunteers can have a great deal to offer. For many schools it is difficult to find teachers with sufficient experience with computers or with English to provide even a basic level of education for their students. This is particularly the case in many rural schools. In such cases, foreign volunteers offer the opportunity for students to learn English first hand from someone who speaks it as a first language, or to learn about computers from someone for whom computers are a part of daily life.

Other placements are seeking teaching volunteers to assist with basic classroom management. These placements can be for teaching assistants or general multi-subject placements where part of the challenge that the school faces is simply being able to provide enough teachers to manage all of the students. In less privileged schools, there will often be several grade levels all within one classroom with one teacher due to budget constraints. In these cases, foreign volunteers can help to break the class down to a more manageable size and to help provide more individualized attention for the students.

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