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Volunteer Tutoring placements connect volunteers with children in orphanages, day cares and children's homes who need assistance with their school work and additional study support. Tutoring placements tend to focus on after-school and weekend support and as such, the hours that a volunteer works are generally outside of the usual 9 to 5, Monday to Friday routine. However, this allows volunteers to maximize their impact and to build on their relationship with the children so that they can learn how best to support each child.

Naturally, tutoring volunteers with a background in Child and Youth Work or Education would have a great deal to offer at these placements. However, this kind of background is not at all required. Most of the assistance will be with basic concepts as taught in primary or secondary school. As such, a high school education would be a minimum requirement. Beyond that, volunteers need to be flexible with their time and passionate about helping young people achieve their potential.

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