Sports and Leadership Volunteer

Sports and leadership volunteer placements give those who are passionate about sports and teaching the opportunity to make a wonderful contribution.

These placements will not only promote a healthy lifestyle amongst participants but will allow them to have fun.

Volunteers in this field may also have the opportunity to teach safety procedures in regards to sports, such as water sports safety.

Climbing and Outdoor Education Volunteer

As a Climbing and Outdoor Education Volunteer, individuals would be working with children between the ages of five and twelve, to teach them some of the basic skills of climbing. Volunteers would be working with a team of certified climbers to help teach children; climbing techniques, first-aid, safety, equipment care, mapping, mountaineering, and tying skills.

Sports Program Volunteer

As a Sports Program Volunteer, individuals would be working with various social groups to help provide an opportunity for children to participate in safe recreational activities. Currently, the majority of BaseCamp’s Sports Program placements are working with children as they learn the ins and outs of the game of soccer. Volunteers at this type of placement would have to have a mature, enthusiastic personality and be able to display good sportsmanship to the children.

Sports and Leadership Volunteering

The placements below list our sports and leadership placements. If you cannot find the placement you are looking for, please let us know and our staff will see if we are able to find something more appropriate.

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