Secondary School Teaching Volunteer

Secondary School Teaching Volunteers help in all course areas including English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Geography. While some secondary schools require volunteers to be current Education students or to be certified teachers, most placements are simply looking for volunteers to help to improve the quality of support that they can offer their students. As such, there are placements appropriate for volunteer teachers of any background.

In many cases, secondary schools are seeking English language speakers to help improve the quality of English teaching at their school. Others are seeking the knowledge that overseas volunteers bring from having computers a part of their day to day lives, or simply the support of teaching assistants to share the load in overcrowded classrooms.

For volunteers currently pursuing a teaching career, many institutions have recognized these secondary school teaching placements as viable experiences for one of the required practicum placements for their degree programs. For further information regarding how this process works either send us an email using the form on the right side of the page or visit the Contact Us page and give us a call.

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