Public Health Volunteering

Public health volunteer placements seek both qualified and non-qualified volunteers to help with basic community outreach programs for health, hygiene, nutrition and basic first aid training.

Health and hygiene training placements cover a range of topics including STI's, malaria, nutrition, prenatal and postnatal care, human waste management, water quality and other public health issues. International volunteers at these placements not only bring a general basic understanding of several of these issues, but also a degree of celebrity in rural communities overseas. It is the novelty of foreign volunteers helping to deliver the knowledge that really helps to draw people in the community to these educational events.

First aid training volunteers also need not have advanced training. While placements can certainly make excellent use of highly trained first aid instructors, even a novice can help to deliver basic first aid training overseas. A volunteer with a basic first aid course and a manual on basic first aid can deliver important training for children in orphanages and day cares, as well as for those living in rural areas with little access to formal education.

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