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Prince of Peace Primary School

Primary School Teaching Volunteers assist as teachers or teaching assistants in primary schools overseas that are looking for help with English classes and general classroom management. While some placements are looking for specific skills such as computer or math teachers, most primary school volunteer placements are seeking both skilled and non-skilled volunteer teachers to help with the general curriculum.

Most placements indicate that the two key benefits they seek from taking on foreign teaching volunteers are to help improve the English skills of their students and to provide teaching assistance so that students can benefit from more individualized attention in overcrowded schools. This type of help can be offered by anyone with strong English skills and an interest in helping young people learn.

For volunteers currently pursuing a teaching career, many institutions have recognized these primary school teaching placements as viable experiences for one of the required practicum placements for their degree programs. For further information regarding how this process works either send us an email using the form on the right side of the page or visit the Contact Us page and give us a call.

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