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Mab International Hospital - Accra, Ghana
Quick Facts: Placement ID: IND-575 Location: Accra, Ghana Sector: Health Care Category: Medicine Min Duration: 1 week Lodging: BaseCamp or Host Family Language: Basic
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Volunteer Job Description

Mab Medicare Centre consists of four clinics, a hospital and one training facility. The hospital is in need of pharmaceutical volunteers to help them as they are short of pharmacy staff members. As a result, many pharmacy workers are required to work long hours and do not have the necessary staff to help ensure that all patients are given the appropriate pharmaceutical advice or attention as soon as required.

A pharmacist volunteer at Mab Medicare Centre would be expected to have the same type of responsibilities as in his/her native country. The volunteer may be required to work directly with the various doctors at the hospital in consultations regarding medical prescriptions. They may also be asked to discuss with the nurses some of the challenges they encounter with patients that do not take their medications or do not take their medications as directed.

A pharmacist volunteer may be asked to help in the laboratory to learn how to tell when diseases like malaria are in the blood and what type of treatments are available in Ghana.

Since the hospital is so short of staff in their pharmacy department they have agreed to accept not only qualified pharmacists but also volunteers that have an education in biomedical science and also students that are presently striving to obtain their education as a pharmacist.

Volunteer Tasks Required

Administration Duties

Pharmacist volunteers would be expected to comply with state and federal drug laws as regulated by the state board of pharmacy, the drug enforcement administration and the food and drug administration. Volunteers may be asked to conduct nursing unit inspections; help to maintain records of controlled substances; remove outdated and damaged drugs from the pharmacy inventory; supervise the work results of support personnel; assist in studying existing and new legislation and participate with management on any actions deemed necessary.

Educational Activities

Pharmacist volunteers would be expected to maintain their pharmacological knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing a personal network; participating in professional societies and also contributing to team efforts in any educational endeavours.

Patient Support

Pharmacist volunteers would be expected to protect patients and staff by adhering to infection control protocols and helping to maintain a safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules and regulations.

Teach Staff

Pharmacist volunteers may be asked to assist in developing hospital staff's pharmacological knowledge by participating in clinical programs; training pharmacy staff, students, interns and other health care professionals. They may also be asked to assist in the routine pharmacy operational requirements by organizing and directing technicians' work flow; verifying their preparation and labelling of pharmaceuticals; verifying order entries, charges and inspections etc.

Counsel Patients

Pharmacist volunteers may be asked to provide pharmacological information by answering questions and requests by health care professionals. They may also be asked to counsel patients on drug therapies and advice them how to take them and report any side effects that might occur.

Host Organization Details

Mab International Hospital

In 2001, the Mab Medicare Centre opened, due to the increasing need of medical facilities in the greater Accra region. The reason that medical facilities providing treatment had such a urgent need to expand was the high rate of population growth. This growth was due to urbanization and the belief that almost all jobs are located in the city. As a result, many people moved from rural communities to Accra with the hope of finding steady work and the opportunity to make more money. Although these opportunities do exist, the cost of living is higher in the city and the competition for jobs greater.

As more people moved into the city, increased challenges became apparent: lack of access to clean water supplies, inadequate sanitation facilities and insufficient food supplies. As a result, this has led to massive implications to the people's health in Accra and surrounding regions.

Mab Medicare is Centre a multifaceted medical facility located in the greater Accra region of Ghana. The staff at Mab Medicare Centre are dedicated to providing quality medical services and at addressing the various medical issues that their country faces.

The GOAL of the Mab Medicare Centre is to: educate and provide treatment in Accra and surrounding communities, to strive to reduce and eventually eliminate the top 5 diseases that effect people in Ghana. The diseases include: HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Poliomyelitis and the Guinea Worm Infection.

Mab Medicare Centre consists of four clinics, a hospital and one training facility. The Centre's list of services include a: Pharmacy, Laboratory, Surgical Unit and 24 hour Ambulance Service. The hospital has five operational Units: a V.I.P. Ward, a Male Ward, a Female Ward, a Side Ward and a Recovery Room.

In 2012 the number of patients seen at the Centre was 1,7661, however they will surpass that number in the current year.

Ghana has three types of health insurance policies for its citizens. The National Health Insurance Policy which is for everyone and is provided by the Government of Ghana and two Private Health Insurance Policies.

Does this organization have any religious affiliations?

This hospital does not have any religious affiliations but the dominant religion in Ghana is Christianity. Therefore, some of the employees and/or patients may say certain prayers throughout the day and may ask for the staff to pray together at the end of each shift. Although you do not have to participate in any religious ceremonies or prayers we ask that you please be respectful when these services or prayers do happen.

The hospital staff are willing to work with any volunteers regardless of their religious affiliations. As long as, the person is passionate about working for the patients and agreeable to team participation.

When They Were Founded

Mab Medicare Center was opened in 2001 in Accra by Dr Jacob Akuamoah Boateng. It started as a medical clinic and was called the Megavest Medical Center which was located in North Kaneshie. By providing good service and a high standard of care it quickly developed into a private hospital.

Who They Work With

Mab Medicare Center serves individuals from all parts of the Greater Accra region.

How Are They Funded

Mab Medicare Center is completely funded by private donations. The reason that they rely on private donors is because the Ghanaian Government does not have enough money to support all medical facilities throughout Ghana. Medical Centers like Mab Medicare Center plays an important role in providing quality health care to many Ghanaian citizens who otherwise may go unattended.

Donation Requests

Mab Medicare Clinic really would like the donation of people's time at the hospital. However, any type of donations that a volunteer would like to give would be greatly appreciated.

Types of medical supplies needed include: band-aids, gloves, digital thermometer, lab masks, IV and infusion equipment, gauze, antiseptic soaps, hospital bed sheets, condoms to give out to patients for free, wheelchairs, crutches, cleansing wipes, adhesive bandages, tweezers, triangular bandages, tongue depressors, vitamins and antiseptic lotions.

Volunteers who have donations that they would like to give outside of this list should contact the Ghana Program Coordinator to confirm that the items are needed.

Placement Location Information

Accra, Ghana

Mab Medicare is located in an area of Accra called Nyamekye Masalakyi, a Muslim based community. Nyamekye is about 15 kilometers from the BaseCamp Center and its in a nice location.

The clinic has got a wall built around it with a big gate. Its got a large parking lot where patients and/or staff members can park their cars. It has a small reception area where patients sit to wait till its their turn to be attended to. There are also three wards for men and three for women where patients get admitted when their illness requires in-patient care. There is also a pharmacy and an administrative office.

This clinic provides lots of help to the people of the community and beyond with 24 hour emergency support.

Transfer From BaseCamp

Volunteers will walk for about ten minutes from the BaseCamp House to Kaneshi main tro tro station. Take a bus that goes to Darkoman-Nyamekye-Motor way. Ask the driver to let you off at Nyamekye Masalakyi. Walk from the Nyamekye Masalakyi bus stop to the first junction on your right and make a right turn. From there the Mab MediCare is approximately a 50 meter walk.

Distance & Time

Distance from BaseCamp: 15 kilometers
Travel Time from BaseCamp: 0:45

Weather in the Area

The dry season in Ghana is from September to March and temperatures generally range from 25-40 degrees Celsius. The rainy season begins in April and lasts until August and the temperature is a bit cooler at 20-35 degrees Celsius. As the name of the season suggests, rainfall increases dramatically throughout these months. It is generally not constant rain, but when it does rain, it usually pours.

Often the weather can change throughout the day. At one moment it is very hot and the next moment it is pouring rain. Volunteers are advised to bring a good waterproof jacket while in this area.

City/Village Description

Accra is a vibrant city that is steeped in history. There is a historical lighthouse in the district of Jamestown; built in 1871, by the British. Climb to the top and enjoy the fantastic view of the Gold Coast. Note the traditional fishing boats and Fort Ussher. Observe the hustle and bustle of Jamestown.

Accra is home to the National Arts Market which provides an opportunity for volunteers to practice their bartering skills for paintings, carvings, bead work, fabric, and many other unique West African Arts.

There are many places to see in Accra. Why not visit one of the many museums? Accra also has an eclectic music scene, with a good beat to be found on almost every corner.

Activities in and around Accra include biking, swimming, catching a soccer game, drumming, dancing lessons, art lessons, and much more.

Nearest Medical Clinic

Mab Medicare Clinic
Nii Kpakpa Street
TEL 1: 0302-235110
TEL 2: 021-223439

Placement Address

Mab International Hospital
Nii Kpakpa St

Accommodation and Meals

All of our volunteers begin their stay in Ghana at our BaseCamp Center in Accra. Given that this placement is less than a 1 hour and 15 minute commute from BaseCamp, volunteers working here will have the option of living with us at BaseCamp or living with a host family.

The following information outlines a brief description of life at BaseCamp and also what someone can expect living with a host family in Ghana. Once you have completed our application, you can let our staff know if you would prefer to live with a host family. Otherwise, your application will default to having you live with us at BaseCamp.

If you have any questions about the difference between life at BaseCamp or life with a host family in Ghana you can always give us a call or send us an email. Our contact details are listed in the footer of every page of the site.

BaseCamp Ghana

BaseCamp Ghana
BaseCamp Ghana Address

C/O Pink Hostel
5th Crescent
Accra, Ghana

BaseCamp Ghana Contact Details

Tel: 233-243-745-771 (Hostel Number)
Mobile: 233-245-916-108

The BaseCamp Center in Accra is a hostel situated in the residential neighbourhood of Asylum Down. This is a relaxing and peaceful area, away from the continuous activity and hubbub of the tourist district, but central enough that we are within walking distance of many attractions in Accra including the National Museum, Kwame Nkrumah Circle and Adabraka Market.

The centre itself is a three-story building with several dormitory rooms. There are also several quiet areas where volunteers can study and relax including a covered area outside. There is an internet cafe, allowing volunteers to stay in touch with friends and family abroad. In addition to this, free WIFI can be accessed throughout the building.

All volunteers spend their orientation in this centre when they first arrive in Ghana. The workshops and language training take place in this building as well although each day we incorporate outings to learn about the area and how to get around independently.

Living With a Host Family in Ghana

Living with a host family in Ghana is a fantastic way to gain a deep understanding of and appreciation for the people and customs of the country. Each home-stay will provide a bed and three meals per day for our volunteers. The majority of host families offer private rooms with only one or two volunteers living with the family.

Living with a host family can greatly enhance your performance at your placement. For one, it will have a huge influence on the speed with which you gain familiarity with the local language. This, along with your deeper understanding of cultural practices and beliefs that you are likely to gain in this environment, can go a long way to improving or strengthening your relationships with your team mates at work. Furthermore, a significant percentage of our host families are closely affiliated with the organizations with which our volunteers work. As such, even the evening meal or hanging out around the house can become valuable time during which volunteers can share their ideas and continue their support of their host organization.

All of this being said, living with a host family is not for everyone. It is very important for volunteers to honor the house rules in their host family and to be punctual. Also, depending on how remote your placement location, host families can be very rustic. Our staff in country can give you a better idea of what exactly you can expect from a host family in any particular community. However, in general, if these things sound like they might pose a challenge for you, we strongly suggest that you look at a placement within commuting distance from BaseCamp Ghana.

How the Program Works

Our program structure and costing is completely flexible which lets our volunteers ensure that they only pay for exactly the degree of support that they want.

Option 1 - Free Services

Some volunteers prefer to coordinate their own accommodation, meals and other support while overseas.

Anyone is welcome to use our volunteer placement search tool to help in finding a placement that is well suited to their interests. Once someone finds a placement that they wish to work with, they are welcome to make all the rest of their arrangmeents on their own.

As well, our team of staff overseas are often able to offer a few helpful pointers for volunteers 'doing it on their own'. Just send us an email with your questions and we will put you in touch with our team abroad. We only ask that you keep your requests fairly general, as this type of advice is exactly how our team earn their living. :)

Option 2 - Placement Support - 250 USD

Other volunteers would like assistance in selecting and confirming their placement, but they plan to manage their own accommodation and other expenses on their own.

These volunteers have the option of choosing to only have our assistance with selecting and confirming their placement. This option also includes ongoing placement support while abroad, so a volunteer would be able to ask our team for help if things at their placement were not working out.

In providing Placement Support, our team works with each volunteer through email, telephone and either Skype or Google Hangouts, to ensure that each volunteer has a clear understanding of their placement options. Our in-country staff will put together a custom list of placement options for each volunteer that they believe are the most appropriate matches with the volunteer's background, skills and interests. Then each volunteer can work with our team both in Canada and abroad to go through each of the options and narrow-down their selection.

Option 3 - Full Program Support

For most volunteers who are volunteering for less than a year, they are looking for an option that includes their accommodation, meals, airport reception, country and program orientation and placement support. This is what our Program Fees are designed for.

We are proud of how over the years we have ensured that our program fees are amoungst the most reasonable of any program in the world while we continue to provide exceptional volunteer support both at home and abroad.

Our Program Fees and listings of what these do and do not include are listed below:

Program Fees

Program Fees - Ghana

  Registration Fee
  1 Week
  2 Weeks
  3 Weeks
  4 Weeks
  5 Weeks
  6 Weeks
  7 Weeks
  8 Weeks
  Additional Weeks
All program fees are listed in US Dollars.

What is Included
  • Pre-Departure support
  • Placement consulation
  • Airport reception & transfer
  • 2 Day orientation
  • Accommodation (BaseCamp or host family)
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Emergency & placement support

What is Not Included
    Before Departure
  • International flight
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Visa costs where required
  • Work permits where required
    While Overseas
  • Daily transportation to and from placement
  • Transport to airport on departure
  • Placement fees if requried

Program Dates

Our regularly scheduled program start dates are the first Friday of each month, every month of the year. We strongly recommend beginning your program on one of these dates as this will allow you to go through our orientation alongside other international volunteers.

If you would prefer, our application will also allow you to select a custom start date for your program. Keep in mind that there is an additional fee for a custom start date which ranges from 50 to 75 USD.

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May 07, 2021 Jun 04, 2021 Jul 02, 2021
Aug 06, 2021 Sep 03, 2021 Oct 01, 2021
Nov 05, 2021 Dec 03, 2021 Jan 07, 2022
Feb 04, 2022 Mar 04, 2022 Apr 01, 2022
May 06, 2022 Jun 03, 2022 Jul 01, 2022


These dates are the day that volunteers should plan to arrive on the ground in country. We can accommodate arrivals in-country at any time day or night on these dates.

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