Kids receiving food donation.

Child Care Volunteer

Position Description

Jericho Orphanage Home is a children's orphanage located in a relatively poor area in Tanzania where most people have to struggle every day to make ends meet. Poverty, poor health, HIV/AIDS and massive unemployment are the main challenges the people face. Jericho's mission is to empower these children in need to become productive members of society through education and self-reliance skills.

Jericho Orphanage would make great use of childcare volunteers at this placement as they need help in all areas of care for the children be it: teaching, (academic lessons, sport activities, art and crafts or songs and dance), personal care, (washing, dressing and/or feeding the children), housekeeping, (making beds, helping in the general cleaning of the orphanage, helping with meal preparation), etc.

Childcare volunteers can do so much for these children be it there emotional or physical well being. At the same time, the volunteers can take a little stress off of the sometimes exhausted staff.

No special background is needed to work at this placement but experience with children and lots of enthusiasm are a plus.

Volunteer Tasks Required
A childcare volunteer would be expected to assist the teachers in the academic endeavors for the children. Volunteers may be asked to teach English, arithmetic, writing and/or reading skills. This may also include art and craft sessions, sports and games or song and dance classes.
Personal Care
A childcare volunteer would be expected to help the staff with the general care of the children be it: washing, dressing or feeding them. Volunteers can take a little stress off of the sometimes exhausted staff. It would also brighten up a child's day to be cared for by a international volunteer.
The mama's are incredibly busy, so they appreciate any help they can get from childcare volunteers with the general cleaning of the orphanage, tending to the garden or helping in the kitchen at mealtimes, as well as helping them to fetch supplies from town.
Lesson Planning
A childcare volunteer would be asked to assist teachers in putting together stimulating lessons for the children and ensuring that there is cohesion between lessons from day to day. This can be done together with teachers and by following the curriculum they use.
A childcare volunteer would be responsible to create new activities; be it songs, games, fun classroom art or craft projects or story telling sessions. These tasks are really important because the staff usually have little time to devote to these activities and the children need play time to interact with each other.