Organizational Support Volunteer

Organizational Support Volunteers assist organizations with a wide range of important tasks related to their general operations. Some organizations are seeking assistance with general administration in their offices, some seek help with fundraising or writing grant applications, others are looking for assistance with basic construction and facility maintenance projects and some are seeking assistance with their on-line marketing and social media presence.

This wide range of placements means that volunteers of all backgrounds are able to make a valuable contribution. Whether you are a business student looking to volunteer abroad, a fundraising expert, a handy-person or someone looking to help out with social media, there are placements that are appropriate.

Our placement types for Organizational Support Volunteers are listed below. Please keep in mind that if you cannot find the type of placement you are looking for here, send us an email using the form in the right column of the page and let us know what you are hoping to do. Our team would be happy to dig around and see if what you are interested in is possible.

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