Online Marketing Volunteer

On-line Marketing Volunteers help organizations to build and maintain their on-line presence. These placements are incredibly valuable for small organizations overseas as their on-line presence is often their lifeline to their various sources of funding and the more robust these are, often determines the better the organization will be financially.

Volunteers with skills in web design and search engine optimization can assist organizations with the development of their web assets and help improve their search results. Volunteers who enjoy writing can help by blogging and by reaching out to the blogging community. Writers can also help by drafting and submitting press releases regarding the type of work in which the organization is involved. Volunteers with some experience in the creation and editing of videos can help to build assets for the organization's website and YouTube Channel. Even volunteers with no formal training or experience can leverage their general understanding of social media to help organizations improve upon and manage their social media accounts.

As you can see, On-line Marketing Volunteers can have a wide range of backgrounds and skills. Basically, anyone with strong English skills and a good sense of social media can have quite a dramatic impact for an organization even in a fairly short period of time.

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