Medical Volunteering

Medical volunteering opportunities are ideal for medical professionals who can take time away from their regular positions or for students pursuing programs in the medical field. Medical volunteer placements are mainly in hospitals or clinics and include positions such as medical doctor, medical student, medical intern, pharmacologist, x-ray technician, lab technician and patient care assistant.

Each field is seeking assistance from qualified medical professionals. However, people currently pursuing an education in these fields can also be of help. In particular, non-qualified medical volunteers can be of considerable help with patient care, patient processing and administration.

Our medical internship positions are much more a learning experience. These afford students interested in the medical field a fantastic experience where they are able to shadow doctors, view procedures and learn a great deal about hospital and clinic administration. Please note that many of these medical internship or pre-med volunteer positions charge an additional placement fee to offset supervisory expenses. These placement fees are listed in the details for each placement.

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