Medical Doctor Volunteer

Medical doctor volunteers have a valuable skill set to offer and are in very high demand in each country that we work. The range of organizations seeking doctor volunteers includes hospitals, clinics and rural community outreach programs. In terms of the specific positions, there are placements in all areas of specialization.

Naturally, given the vast range of specialization, the specific tasks at a placement for any volunteer doctors will likely have a fairly wide range and will be primarily dependant upon both the background of the volunteers and their interests. In some cases, we have coordinated projects for highly specialized doctors where the community will arrange for several procedures to be booked during the volunteer's placement, allowing the community to maximize the benefit. These type of placements have been incredibly effective at delivering valuable assistance in a very short period of time.

One thing that we have found important in preparing our medical doctor volunteers is to ensure that they are well aware of the restrictions and available instruments and equipment at their placements. Our coordinator in-country will work with you in advance of your placement to make sure that you have a solid understanding of the environment in which you would be working. In fact, our staff have even set-up on-line video conferences with the placement in advance to assist in planning for some types of medical projects.

While there are a few placements listed below, there are hundreds of potential placements for qualified medical doctors. If you do not see a placement here in which you are interested, please use the form on the right side of the page to send us an email indicating what you are looking for. Our team will be happy to see if we can find an organization seeking assistance in your particular field of interest.

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