Health and Hygiene Volunteer

Health and hygiene volunteers provide basic public health training on a wide range of topics including: sexual and reproductive health, water and sanitation, nutrition, malaria prevention and personal hygiene.

The locations and manner in which this training is delivered varies widely from community outreach programs in rural areas, to training in local orphanages, day cares and street-outreach programs in the urban areas.

HIV - AIDS Awareness Volunteer

At this type of placement volunteers would be responsible for educating people of all ages on the complications of HIV and promoting overall awareness of the illness. An HIV/AIDS Awareness volunteer may be asked to conduct outreach programs and teach classes educating people on the causes, effects, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Malaria Awareness Volunteer

A Malaria Awareness volunteer must be willing to do manual labour, usually in extremely hot climates. Volunteers would be responsible for raising awareness about the causes and prevention of the malaria illness, by conducing education seminars and participating in door to door campaigns. Volunteers may also be expected to assist in community clean-ups, fumigation and weeding of bushes and cleaning of gutters.

Dietician Volunteer

As a Dietician volunteer, individuals would take part in a variety of tasks pertaining to healthy eating and nutrition. In most cases volunteers would help to create a meal plan featuring, easily available, inexpensive, healthy foods and also take part in preparing these meals. Volunteers would also teach classes and workshops on the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

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