Daycare Assistant Volunteer

A daycare assistant volunteer would be working at a daycare organization for disadvantaged youth. Generally, volunteers will help with all aspects of caring for the children. This includes developing educational games, structuring and facilitating activities, helping with meals, cleaning and administration.

Why Daycare Volunteers are Needed

When families are struggling to make ends meet they are often forced to place their children in difficult situations. In many countries in which we work, families are left with no choice but to allow their children to fend for themselves during the day while both parents work to find whatever source of income they can. For parents working in the markets or street vending, children essentially grow up on the streets. This is an incredibly difficult and dangerous place for a young child to be left to fend for themselves.

To help, many daycare organizations have been created to provide options for these parents. By providing a free (or nearly free) environment where parents can leave their children while they work, these organizations provide a fantastic service. Naturally, given the need to provide these services for as little as possible, they are often short staffed and in need of help.

Daycare Volunteer Duties

Childcare volunteers working in a daycare can help serve meals, clean the facility and provide educational games and activities for the children throughout the day. Volunteers with child education experience or training can be of great value in helping to improve or develop educational units for the children.

Related Volunteer Placements

Many daycares are also looking for an Early Childhood Education Volunteer. These placements are specifically for volunteers with a background in this field. Volunteers are needed to help develop and deliver educational programs for the youth. If this is the type of placement you are interested in you can learn more here.

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