Additional Expenses

Pre Departure Expenses

1. Travel Medical Insurance

Travel CUTS, the Adventure Travel Company and Merit Travel all offer the same fantastic insurance for Canadians under 50 called Bon Voyage. They also have insurance options for those over 50 so they can ensure that each of our volunteers has the coverage they need.

For volunteers from outside of Canada, please consult with a travel agent to ensure that you have the appropriate medical insurance for your program.

2. Trip Cancellation Insurance

This covers both the cost of the program and the flight if you have to cancel your program or come home early for an insurable reason. This is also available through Travel CUTS, the Adventure Travel Company and Merit Travel and when booked through them, you can be confident that not only your flight but also your program fees will be covered.

3. Required Immunizations

Please check with a travel health professional for specific immunization recommendations. You should be able to get a rough idea of the requirements from the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) website

4. Visa and Work Permits

Visa requirements vary in each country in which we work and according to the citizenship of each volunteer. We recommend that you check directly with the Consulate or Embassy for specific costs based on your citizenship. Volunteers on our program require a tourist visa in all countries except Tanzania. In Tanzania, both a tourist permit and a specific volunteer permit called a Class C Tourist Permit are required.

The following link will take you to a page on our website where you can find contact details for the various Consulates and Embassies of the countries in which we work.


While most visa and tourist permits cost between 10 to 60 USD, the Tanzanian government has raised the cost of their Class C Tourist Permit (which is the visa required for volunteers in Tanzania). The cost fluctuates from 200 to 550 USD.  This fee does not include the tourist permit issued at the airport on arrival which costs 50 USD for most nationalities. (Please check with the consulate to ensure that you are aware of the costs and restrictions for citizens of your country).

This expense is not included in the cost of the program so volunteers going to Tanzania will need to prepare for this significant additional expense.

Overseas Expenses

1. Daily transportation to and from your placement

The costs vary depending on how far your placement is from where you'll be living and which country you are in. Generally the cost ranges from free (walking distance) to no more than a dollar each way. Once you are in the process of selecting your specific placements, our staff overseas can give you an estimate of this cost for the placements that you have chosen.

2. Cost of return transportation to the airport

Volunteers have the choice of using public transportation or taking a taxi to the airport. As you can imagine, this significantly impacts the cost of this transfer. These costs can range from roughly 50 cents to 50 dollars depending on the country and mode of transport.

3. Weekend and post program excursions

Many volunteers take advantage of their time off at placements to explore their host country. Our staff often coordinate excursions or they can recommend local tour operators. These tours are an additional expense and can range from twenty to several hundred dollars depending on the duration and type of tour that you are interested in.

4. Daily living expenses

Meals and accommodation are included in your program fee. However, many volunteers choose to explore the city in the evening and during their time off work. Our orientation manual includes some rough estimates for the cost of things such as transportation, dining out, laundry etc. If you have any specific interests, you will be able to contact your Country Coordinator to ask the specific costs.

5. Placement fees if required

Some placements have an additional fee that they charge to cover costs of equipment or other expenses that they may incur associated with hosting a volunteer. Where applicable, these fees will be listed along-side the other placement details on our website. These fees are not covered by the Volunteer BaseCamp program fee and will be paid directly to the organization by the volunteer upon their arrival.

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