Volunteer Visas and Permits

Many countries where we operate require either a visa or tourist permit for international volunteers to enter the country. One country, Tanzania, requires a specific volunteer work permit as well as a general tourist permit. The requirements, costs and restrictions of these permissions vary widely depending on the citizenship of the international volunteer. Therefore, each volunteer is responsible for arranging their own visa or tourist permit. In Tanzania, volunteers are required to arrange their own visa or tourist permit and our staff will help volunteers make the arrangements for their volunteer permit once they arrive in Tanzania.

The general requirements for visas are included in your orientation materials along with an explanation of how to pursue arranging this visa. However, the most accurate source of information regarding the visa rules for a specific citizenship is the embassy or consulate located in or near your home country. The following links lead to a database of embassy locations for each country around the world. This is a third party site, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of their links. However, this is a good place to start.


While most visas and tourist permits cost between 10 to 60 USD, the Tanzanian government has raised the cost of their Class C Tourist Permit (which is the visa required for volunteers in Tanzania). It fluctuates between 200 to 550 USD. For current cost please email tanzania@basecampcenters.com This fee does not include the tourist permit issued at the airport on arrival which costs 50 USD for most nationalities. (Please check with the consulate to ensure that you are aware of the costs and restrictions for citizens of your country).

This expense is not included in the cost of the program so volunteers going to Tanzania will need to prepare for this significant additional expense.

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