Volunteer Meals

Our goal at BaseCamp is to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which volunteers can learn the customs and culture of their host country. The meals we serve are a part of this process. The BaseCamp meal plan consists of a 14 day rotating schedule of meals from various regions and communities throughout the host country. These dishes help our volunteers to become familiar with the foods and meal etiquette that they will be expected to understand at their placements or with their host families.

For volunteers staying at BaseCamp throughout their program, the 14 day rotation provides an ample amount of food variety. As well, each BaseCamp is close to several other restaurant options should a volunteer be looking for a change or a little taste of home. For volunteers who chose to live with a host family following orientation, they can expect that their meals will follow a local diet and schedule. The meals at BaseCamp will help volunteers prepare for this transition and will ensure that volunteers are up to speed with local meal time customs.

At BaseCamp we do our best to accommodate various meal restrictions. Meals have a non-meat option for vegetarians. As well, our team will attempt to assist with accommodating any allergy concerns. However, standards for food storage and separation in the markets make it difficult for us to guarantee allergen-free sources. For volunteers with serious food allergies, we strongly advise them to take the management of their food intake into their own hands and work directly with the cook to ensure that their allergy risks are being managed effectively.

Outside of BaseCamp, volunteers will have to work directly with their host family to manage any allergies or other meal restrictions. Host families are aware that some volunteers may be vegetarian and they are prepared to provide vegetarian meals. However, allergen management must be managed directly by the volunteer working with their hosts.

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