Arriving at the Airport

BaseCamp's volunteer support and volunteer safety are always the first priority of our staff. From airport arrival to program end we are there to help. We know that getting off the plane in a foreign country can be an intimidating experience. That is why we provide volunteer support starting at the airport. Every volunteer on our program is met by one of our program staff. We are waiting with a Volunteer Abroad sign clearly visible to greet volunteers and transfer with them from the airport to the BaseCamp Volunteer Center.

Transportation from the airport to the center is included in the program fees, and varies from a BaseCamp van, a local taxi or a bus depending on the country and the number of volunteers arriving on the same flight. Our staff bring a snack and a bottle of water for each volunteer in an effort to make the transfer from the airport to the center as comfortable as possible.

The pre-departure information that each volunteer receives clearly outlines the procedures for clearing customs and meeting our staff at the airport. Volunteer support also includes providing the emergency contact details of our staff in-country so that if a volunteer's flight is changed en-route, or if the volunteer misses the connecting flight, the volunteer can easily reach a member of our team and update changes to arrival time.

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