TEFL Certification

Volunteer Basecamp has partnered with CCELT Online to offer an internationally recognized online TEFL course for the discounted rate of US$399 (usually $495).

CCELT Online is a leader in TEFL training. The course was developed by DipTesol certified specialists with over 25 years experience teaching both overseas and within Canada. CCELT is fully interactive online course to create a quality learning experience, leading to a successful teaching experience abroad.

“The course is a wonderful introduction for aspiring teachers. It's enjoyable because you get to see slides with well-presented information while listening to a knowledgeable tutor explaining what you see on the screen. That's what I have enjoyed the most. I know other TEFL courses only provide PDF's to read and then ask questions but that doesn't make you feel like a teacher explains to you what you need to know. Well done to CCELT for having taken the time to record explanations for almost every part of the course!”
- Linda, CCELT graduate.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language can be a challenge and Volunteer Basecamp is focused on ensuring our volunteers feel confident in their roles as teachers and in turn, offer a valuable learning experience for their students. Having your TEFL certificate is also a great way to continue on your travels and get paid while continuing to make an impact in communities around the world.

The CCELT Online TEFL course equips both experienced teachers and those with no previous teaching experience with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in teaching English in classrooms abroad. The 100-hour TEFL course can be started at any time and is completed entirely online at your own pace. Visit the CCELT Online TEFL Course page to get TEFL certified now and upskill before departing on your volunteer trip abroad.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more, you can either email us or email CCELT directy, info@ccelt.com.

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