Public Health Volunteer Projects

Public health volunteer projects are a fantastic way for small and large groups of volunteers to make a valuable contribution. These projects can be a powerful means for organizations to deliver valuable training regarding a wide range of public health concerns.

While we can certainly develop projects for groups with specific training or expertise, many public health programs require little experience and training of the group members. In many cases, the material to be delivered will be managed by the local organization overseeing the project and the training to deliver this material will happen on-site. In such cases, the primary benefits of the group are that the "celebrity factor" of a group of foreigners delivering training draws a much larger audience, and the group usually provides the funding support that makes the training possible in the first place.

For groups of volunteers with a specific skill set, our team will work with the group leader to find an appropriate project and/or organization to ensure that their skills are put to good use. In such cases, the group leader should provide considerable detail regarding the skills of their group and how they are hoping to see these applied in the field. Group Project Request Form.

While public health projects cover a wide range of topics, the following outlines some of the more common groups that BaseCamp coordinates:

HIV/AIDS & Sexual Health Training

Sexual health training programs bring groups of volunteers to remote communities to deliver training on a range of sexual health issues. These projects are particularly successful in Ghana where we work with the West African Aids Foundation, and in Tanzania and Nepal, where the language barrier is not such a challenge. For groups of volunteers fluent in Spanish, there is a demand to provide comparable training in both Ecuador and Costa Rica.

First-aid Training

First-aid training, even at a very basic level, is in high demand. This type of public health project has the potential to deliver a great deal of value in a very short period of time. BaseCamp partners with local organizations representing several groups that can benefit from this training including porter's rights groups, women's rights groups, child advocacy groups, medical clinics and public health organizations to identify where this training will have the greatest benefit.

Qualified groups such as outdoor education classes, outdoor clubs, paramedics, fire fighters and other trained volunteers are preferred for these projects. Otherwise, training for the volunteers can be arranged on-site in cooperation with a local organization before the program begins.

Basic Health & Hygiene Training

Rural communities in many of the countries in which we operate still deal with the consequences of poorly managed hygienic concerns. Water contamination from poorly placed waste facilities, open sewage drainage, a lack of regular hand-washing and poor food storage conditions contribute to very serious public health concerns. In fact, these conditions and lack of basic hygienic education are one of the reasons that diarrhoea kills more than 1 million people each year.

These projects are developed and supervised by local organizations to ensure that the training our groups provide is culturally appropriate and utilizes materials that will be readily accessible to the local community.

Nutritional Studies & Training

Groups of volunteers can be quite valuable in assisting organizations with community outreach programs gathering data on nutritional indicators. During such programs, organizations generally design meal plans using locally available foods that help communities improve their diet. Our groups also assist in delivering the training on the preparation and use of these meal plans.

Pre and Post Natal Care

There is considerable demand for training on pre and post natal care in rural communities in several of our countries. As these groups require considerable communication, these are more common in Nepal, Tanzania and Ghana unless the group is fluent in Spanish. Generally, local organizations have pre-developed the training programs and our groups will work with the organization's staff to deliver this training in different locations.

Whether your group is looking for a project like these or something different, complete your Group Project Request Form and we will let you know if our team is able to help make it happen!

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