Facility Improvement Projects

In each country in which we work there are hundreds of organizations that are overwhelmed by the financial strain of managing their day to day operations. While some organizations are fortunate enough to receive government, private or INGO support, the majority are engaged in a constant struggle to find funds. As such, the repair and upkeep of their facilities are often re-prioritized and many orphanages, schools and community centres are in considerable disrepair.

BaseCamp's volunteer facility improvement projects are designed to help organizations address this problem. Past projects have repaired roofs, plastered and painted walls, repaired furniture (beds and desks), built expansion dormitories in orphanages, expanded classroom space in rural schools and helped to improve the living and learning environment for thousands of children.

These projects are perfectly suited for high school groups, clubs and organizations. We are able to ensure that even a large group of volunteers can be active and engaged through-out the project and at the end there is tangible results. The groups of volunteers do not require previous experience as these types of projects include the on-site support of BaseCamp staff and local construction consultants who guide and supervise the work of our volunteers.

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