Custom Group Projects

While we have a wide range of volunteer group experiences to offer, we understand that some groups have very specific and unique needs that fall outside of these program types. In these cases, BaseCamp's team will work closely with you to create a custom group.

With eighteen years experience coordinating international group projects for a wide range of organizations including clubs, high schools, post secondary institutions, and families, we have the expertise to design a custom group program for those groups who fall outside of these categories. Custom group programs are designed to meet your specific needs while still addressing general safety concerns and ensuring that the needs of the local host organization are met allowing the project to be meaningful and have lasting value.

In general, each group project includes but is not limited to the following additional support:

  • private transportation to and from the airport on arrival/departure
  • private transportation to and from the work site each day
  • a dedicated BaseCamp staff who stays with the group throughout the project
  • structured evening and weekend activities
  • professor / chaperone expenses included in project fees

The 'Types of Group Volunteer Projects' section of the site outlines several types of group projects that we currently offer. For custom group requests we ask that you fill out the Group Project Request Form and our team will let you know if your request is something that we can accommodate.

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