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Mission Trips with Volunteer BaseCamp connect congregations and youth groups with meaningful projects overseas working in cooperation with local faith-based organizations seeking assistance. With our own team of staff both here in the west as well as on the ground overseas, BaseCamp is uniquely able to deliver highly customized projects that are built around the specific needs and interests of your group.

Projects can focus on a range of issues depending on the skills and interests of the group. The following outlines a few common group project types. However, we are able to fully customize each project. So, if you do not see what you are looking for simply let us know what you would like to do using the form at the bottom of the page. Our team will be in touch to review your request and to put together a project proposal that you and your group can review.

Mission Trip Volunteer Projects

1) Orphanage & School Improvement Projects

In each country in which we work there are hundreds of organizations that are overwhelmed by the financial strain of managing their day to day operations. While some organizations are fortunate enough to receive government, private or INGO support, the majority are engaged in a constant struggle to find funds. As such, the repair and upkeep of their facilities are often re-prioritized and many orphanages, schools and community centres are in considerable disrepair.

BaseCamp's school and orphanage improvement projects are designed to help organizations address this problem. Past projects have repaired roofs, plastered and painted walls, repaired furniture (beds and desks), built expansion dormitories in orphanages, expanded classroom space in rural schools and helped to improve the living and learning environment for thousands of children.

2) Public Health Projects

Public health volunteer projects are a fantastic way for small and large groups of volunteers to make a valuable contribution. These projects can be a powerful means for organizations to deliver valuable training regarding a wide range of public health concerns.

While we can certainly develop projects for groups with specific training or expertise, many public health programs require little experience and training of the group members. In many cases, the material to be delivered will be managed by the local organization overseeing the project and the training to deliver this material will happen on-site. In such cases, the primary benefits of the group are that the "celebrity factor" of a group of foreigners delivering training draws a much larger audience, and the project fees provide the funding that makes the training possible in the first place.

3) Sanitation Projects

Mission trips can also focus on improving sanitation facilities. Generally this involves a group of volunteers working along-side local workers to build new toilet and septic facilities. While this may not sounds like glamorous work, human waste contamination of potable water is a huge problem in many rural communities around the world. These projects can have a very significant and lasting impact on the health and quality of life for an entire community.

Planning Your Mission Trip

Planning your mission trip with BaseCamp is easy! Simply provide a general description of what you and your group are looking to do. Please be as specific as you can here.

Once complete, our team will review your request and contact you to discuss any other details that they may require. They will then begin working with our field staff to put together a proposal for your group. These proposals include a detailed itinerary, costs and a listing of what is and is not included in the program fees. Our team will then send you a link to the proposal for you and your group's review.

Once you have received your proposal, we suggest arranging a video call between our team both here and abroad, yourself and any other stakeholders associated with your group. This will give you a chance to get to know our team and allow our team to ensure that we have a solid understanding of your group's objectives and concerns.

From that point until the day you arrive you will have constant access to our entire team. Many groups find that having access to our team overseas long before the project begins makes an enormous difference in terms of ensuring that a group's experience on the ground is as close a match to their expectations as possible.

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