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Volunteer BaseCamp has the highest reputation for excellence and professionalism in the coordination of international student experiences. Our programs provide enriching international education and cross cultural opportunities for students which are conducive to learning and reflection, and which plan for the educational component of the program. Our programs can be customized to meet any curriculum requirements you may have.

We manage all of the overseas logistics, as well as provide pre-departure support and information in order to maximize learning and minimize risk. In eighteen years of managing and supporting Educational Travel Abroad we have developed the best practices to deliver a program that encourages participants to develop a new understanding of other countries and cultures, and a broader view of their own place in the world

We understand that someone looking to plan an international high school service project has to ensure that the diverse interests and concerns of several stakeholders are addressed. Parents, students, teachers, the administration and the school board each must be taken into consideration and be provided with the details they require.

BaseCamp's team is familiar with this process. Our staff at our head office will work directly with high school group leaders to address each concern and to ensure that they have the support they need for the project to be a success.

We structure our proposals for high school group projects to include the additional services that we feel are required to deliver the degree of safety and support that the projects require. These additional services include:

  • private transportation to and from the airport on arrival/departure
  • private transportation to and from the work site each day
  • a dedicated BaseCamp staff who stays with the group throughout the project
  • structured evening and weekend activities
  • group leaders (chaperones) included in the project fees

Our programs do more than simply offer a well organized experience. Our students and teachers come home saying things such as “life changing”, “most incredible experience of my life”, “this is something that will stay with me forever”. This is the value of a BaseCamp high school group program. In addition to the positive impact and real change made overseas, there is the positive and affirming impact it has on students when they come home.

Generally high schools require a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or other form of written agreement that clearly outlines the responsibilities for each party involved in delivering the program. As this is not a requirement of BaseCamp, we do not provide a default agreement. However, we are happy to sign agreements as prepared by the institution pending review by our senior staff. Most schools have their own versions of these type of agreements that they would prefer we use. However, we can provide samples upon request if required.

While our program planning process covers the essential elements, please let our team know in your Group Project Request Form if there are any special concerns that we need to take into consideration in designing your proposal.

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