Family Volunteer Projects

Because of the unique needs of a family, BaseCamp treats family volunteer projects in a similar fashion to how we treat group volunteer programs. We have, since 1998, coordinated group volunteer projects of various sizes for high schools, post-secondary institutions, clubs, organizations and families. Our staff on the ground have the expertise to manage the logistical considerations and our long term relationships with local organizations allow our staff to identify and fashion projects that are both meaningful and sustainable.

The key to BaseCamp ensuring the sustainability of our projects lies in the fact that we only coordinate projects in cooperation with organizations who have the budget and staff to ensure the ongoing management of any project in which we participate.

Much like with our independent programs, the family process begins with us gathering some information regarding the family make-up, your background and your interests. This is gathered through our Group Project Request Form. This form gathers details such as the size of the family, the length of time you have for the project and the type of project the family is interested in. It also allows you to outline any special requirements for the project.

Once completed, this information is sent to our staff in the selected country for their review. They will look through the request and see if there is a match with the needs of an organization on the ground. If so, they will put together general details about the project and create a project profile on our website for review.

Once our team has confirmed that we are able to move forward with the project, you will work directly with our team on the ground to further revise the proposal. During this period we strongly encourage you to follow our country Google + pages where you can have a video 'Hangout' with our staff overseas. These video chats are a great tool to help ensure that your goals and objectives are clearly communicated to the team on the ground responsible for managing the project. You might also find it useful to schedule 'Hangouts' where the whole family can interact with both our overseas and our head office staff directly.

We have tried to be as thorough as possible here. However, we realize that there are a wide range of concerns and considerations when it comes to conducting an overseas service project. If you have any other questions and you are hesitant to complete a Group Project Request Form, please send us a note using the Contact Us form and one of our staff will do their best to address your concerns.

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