Group Volunteer Project Options

Generally there is much less diversity in the types of projects that are appropriate for groups of volunteers than there are for individual volunteers. You can imagine that an orphanage may be able to make use of one or two people to help with meals, cleaning and childcare. However, the same orphanage would be overrun if 20 volunteers showed up at once. Most volunteers would have nothing to do and this would be a poor use of the efforts of the group.

We have identified a group of project types that are appropriate for groups of volunteers. These project types allow for us to make use of each member of the group. Our staff work with the group leaders and the organization to ensure that a work plan is developed that will keep each volunteer active and engaged throughout the project. As well, these categories help to ensure that we stick to the types of projects that we believe provide the greatest benefit for the organizations that we aim to assist.

There is some flexibility, however, as we realize that not all projects are going to fit neatly within these categories and yet they may be perfectly viable projects. If you do not see the type of project that you are looking for, simply select 'Other' as the project type in the Group Project Request Form and outline in detail what it is you and your group are looking to do. Our team on the ground will look into it and see if your request is something that we can accommodate.

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