The BaseCamp Tanzania Team

The team at BaseCamp Tanzania has their work cut out for them. This is one of our largest centers and requires a sizeable team to keep things running smoothly. We are fortunate to have a fantastic group of friendly and reliable staff and partners.

Moses is in charge of the program and personally manages helping each volunteer find the perfect placement match. He is super approachable and, with his long history of guiding safaris and Mt. Kilimanjaro climbs, he is a great resource to help volunteers plan their weekend excursions and post-program adventures.

Follow our Google + page so that you can connect with Moses via a video hangout while you work your way through your placement options.

Moses Mollel Program Coordinator Tanzania

I began working with BaseCamp Tanzania in 2008 after hearing a lot of really positive feedback about the program from volunteers who joined my trekking and safari tours that I was running at the time. Having come from a Massai community and knowing very well the struggles that many Tanzanians face, I jumped at the opportunity to work with an organization that was trying to make a difference.

I get a great deal of pleasure helping foreigners discover my country and helping them to become comfortable exploring on their own. Our orientation will help you understand several important aspect of our culture and will prepare you to live and work independently as a productive part of the community. I also really enjoy learning about other cultures from the volunteers who join our program from so many countries around the world.

When I started in this position I had a lot to learn about the various organizations that work hard every day to make life a little easier for people here. However, over the years I have come to understand many of these organizations and I am proud to be involved with a program that helps find appropriate volunteers to lend a hand. This position allows me to play a small role in working to improve conditions and provide some assistance for many people here in Tanzania.

Babu Masatu House Services Tanzania

I have worked at BaseCamp Tanzania since BaseCamp first moved into this house in 2008. My life changed significantly from this point on. Ever since I have spent my days surrounded by volunteers from all over the world.

In the beginning I was a gardener as BaseCamp Tanzania has a large garden. However, I have been always interested in working as a cook and I spent years training with Isaac, the previous cook at BaseCamp. In August when Isaac moved on, I was ecstatic to be offered the position.

I love being able to help our volunteers experience Tanzanian cooking and to help them learn how to cook in the Tanzanian style.

Anjela Mnzava House Services Tanzania

I first heard of BaseCamp through a friend. I was intrigued by the positivity of the environment and the work that volunteers were coming to do. I was excited to join the team to help keep the center clean and tidy.

While I have had jobs in the past doing the same type of work, I really find working at BaseCamp Tanzania exciting. I love meeting so many beautiful people from different countries who have come to my country to lend a hand.

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