The BaseCamp Nepal Team

Volunteer BaseCamp Nepal has a large team of staff. They are all super friendly and together they make the environment at the center a fantastic place for volunteers to learn about the culture in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Sachin Shakya Program Coordinator Nepal

I joined Basecamp Nepal in June 2018. My role is to work with volunteers to help choose the most appropriate placement, to facilitate the volunteer orientation and to provide the necessary travel information and support to help volunteers get to their placements after orientation week.

I have been working in the fields of child, youth, community development and volunteer facilitation since 2005. I have facilitated sharing and learning projects for street, working and at risk children. I have also led the development and implementation of a number of surveys with street, working and at risk children.

While working for development agencies, I have been stationed in different parts of Nepal in both rural settings and urban settings. As a result, I have gained some knowledge and information about urban and rural Nepal and the development needs in these areas.

Outside of work, I am a qualified paramedic and sportsperson having played numbers of national basketball tournaments in Nepal. I am now retired from playing national tournaments but still actively play at the local level.

Sita Khatri House Services Nepal

Sita has been working with BaseCamp since July 2012. She was recommended for the position by one of the women's rights organizations with which we work and she has been a fantastic addition to the team.

Sita enjoys working with foreign volunteers and helping our volunteers learn about and experience a range of Nepali foods. She also quite enjoys helping female volunteers figure out how to wear a Sari (traditional attire for women in Nepal).

Sita is working hard to improve both her spoken and written English and she has been very grateful for the support and assistance from volunteers staying at BaseCamp. She already speaks Hindi and Arabic fluently and is excited to be adding English to the list of languages she can communicate in.

Mangal Dongol House Services Manager Nepal

Mangal has a long history of more than 10 years of experience working with international visitors in Nepal. This experience makes him very approachable and he will help to manage any issues related to the facilities at BaseCamp Nepal.

Mangal is also a wealth of information regarding adventure tours and excursions as he is also a trained and registered tour guide. Volunteers looking to plan weekend and post-program activities can work with Mangal to find the best options for the lowest cost.

Kabita Shrestha House Services Nepal

Kabita is the mother of two children and was a shopkeeper for many years. While caring for her children does not allow her to keep a full-time job, weekend work with BaseCamp makes the economic challenge of providing for her family easier to manage.

Kabita is working hard to learn English but she has no background in learning the language before starting with us. This actually works great as talking with Kabita is a great opportunity for volunteers to practice their Nepali while Kabita has the chance to pick up new English skills.

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