Ecuador Weekend Volunteer Trips

Part of the experience of visiting a new country and volunteering, is to travel. We suggest you decide before hand with your country coordinator what excursions you might be interested in doing so that you can plan appropriately.

Most volunteer placements allow you to travel on the weekend, however if you want to make sure you don't miss a particular excursion that may take more time than 2 days, plan to stay longer in order to have this once in a lifetime experience.

Here are some getaway ideas!

Market in Otavalo

This Saturday bazaar is the largest indigenous market in all of South America. People come for handicrafts, textiles, clothing, jewellery, livestock and produce. Some visitors come to experience the food market, where you can sample a staple of the Andean diet, the guinea pig. Roasted pork, grilled chicken and several sorts of soup are examples of other basic regional fare for sale here at a very low cost.


The name delivers. Volcano-heated thermal baths are the prime draw in this warm, subtropical place. Continuing the wet theme: waterfalls that rush down steep hills of green; Baños, with good low-cost lodging, in a hub of outdoor fun like rafting, biking and hiking.

Galápagos Islands

To travel in Darwin's wake, you can sign up for a group tour and experience the Galapagos Islands for a once in a lifetime trip. Stumble over wildlife, dive with hammer heads or just marvel at the abundance that surrounds you in this wildlife mecca.

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