Childcare Volunteering in Costa Rica

People looking to volunteer in the Childcare Volunteer Programs in Costa Rica will find the opportunity to help at two different type of institutions: Day Care Centers and Orphanages. They both received elemental subsidy from the government; however, children care demands more than a financial support, they need to be care, educated and loved.

The Day Care Centers are small institutions that help parents, single mothers or fathers and guardians to look after children all day long or after school while they are working. Therefore, these centers have prolonged schedules; generally from 6 am to 6pm, and they have an important role in the Costa Rican society as they prepare children to go to school by providing an early physical and skilled education. Children spend their days learning new vocabulary, coloring books, singing songs in Spanish and English, playing with instructive toys and interacting with more kids.

Several orphanages can be found around the country and they are the home for over 2000 children who are not able to be with their families due to circumstances like the death of the nuclear relatives, sexual abuse, socioeconomic conditions, parents in jail, and others. The orphanages in Costa Rica look to provide a transitionary or permanent home for those children while they feel loved and received care. All children are divided according to their ages and in most of the cases, every little house managed by two Tias; aunts in Spanish but with a meaning of a substitute relative without calling them mothers, are overpopulated and they need the assistance of volunteers to help with the daily duties. The activities at orphanages will depend on the ages of the kids, babies and toddlers; for example, stay at the home all day long and they need to be entertained, feed, taught how to speak properly and be safe, while children over 5 years old go to pre-school or school and after their scholar time, they also need the guidance to do homework and be beguiled some of their time while cohabit with other children.

If you are ready to change diapers, feed children, play with them and be creative, these are some of the options available in Costa Rica that will allow you to contribute in the care of the future generation.

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